With an End of Life Doula I can help you ease into the transition. It’s never to early to start planning.


Post Death, Grief, Companionship, Resources, Organization & Dispersing


With hand casting I provide you with a cherished memory that will last for generations.


  • End of Life Doula (EOLD)

    Assisting through the process

  • Unlock Emotions

    Assisting & Easing through transitions

  • Release

    Post Death, Grief Companionship & Organization


    Assisting in Resources & End of Life Planning


    Creating Pre Death & Post Death Memories with Loved Ones

  • TIME

    Finding QUALITY at the End of Life

End of Life Support and Guidance

Welcome to Before and After Death Doula

Do you know what a death doula is? They are a person who assists in the dying process. Educating families on death through recognizing its natural beauty. A death doula helps individuals plan for the end-of-life process & manages some of the duties that typically fall on families. Being an End of Life Doula is a natural calling for me.

To accompany an individual or assist a family of an individual transitioning is an honor. I believe that is why I was placed in this particular life. I embrace holding the space and silence, listening to ones wants and needs. This journey is about you. As my knowledge grows, as my instinct becomes stronger, so shall my community. I’m here to listen be present and educate that death is and can be positive. It is beautiful just as is, bearing a newborn child but on the other end of the spectrum. I am here to help the dying and the family complete a beautiful transition. One that can be challenging. Saying goodbye to a loved one, is not easy. I stand beside any of those who have chosen me. We can do this together! Yes you’ll be afraid, scared and sad those are human feelings. I have committed myself to the art of dying. So that no one dies alone and to embrace death, something that is so difficult and hard to talk about. I have been brought to this path to share my knowledge that I have gained to explore with families and provide all the options available from diagnosis, legacy, burial, and post death.

In many cultures death is a multi day event I believe it should be an option for a family to embrace the passing of a loved one. I look forward to serving families talking about these options. This does not have to be so black-and-white. Is there are reason WHY we cannot go back to early times? When the family took care of the death.


“Out of the blue I was confronted with my father dying suddenly, I was 100 miles from him. I was able to contact Lorraina who helped me understand what was going on and walk me through everything until he passed and assisted me with paperwork I needed after his death things I had no knowledge of.”

Paul W
Paul W

“Lorraina is a skilled, dedicated and committed End of Life Doula. Lorraina provided support and knowledge in an efficient and timely manner, when time was of the utmost importance. Making a difficult situation more manageable and tolerable. Lorraina utilized resources available to help support me and my family with resource in Mexico to assist with my father who was in need. We appreciate and value compassion.”

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Enrique P.
Enrique P.